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ProLine Positron S3 Soft Buggy 2WD vorne

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ProLine Positron S3 Soft Buggy 2WD vorne

  • Hersteller: Proline
  • HerstellerNr.: 8257-203

Englische Beschreibung:

This is a pair of Positron 2.2" 2WD Front Buggy Tires. S3 is Pro-Line's latest and greatest compound that has been tearing up the track and winning races at the highest level. S3 is similar to X3 as it is a Soft and long-lasting compound but S3 is a substantial leap forward in terms of grip in dry and slick conditions. Another massive improvement with S3 is that stays stable throughout long main events and does not fade or get soft near the end of the race. Just ask Ty Tessmann who used the new S-compounds to sweep all the classes at the 2018 1:8 ROAR Nitro Nationals as well as the 2017 1:10 ROAR Electric Nationals! Don't get left in your competition's dust, take the win with Pro-Line's new S3 compound today!

The future of 1:10 Buggy Tire Performance is here with Pro-Line's all-new 2.2" Positron 2WD Front Tire! Designed from the ground up with an all-new carcass shape and futuristic directional tread design, the Positron delivers true next generation performance with improved grip and corner speed on indoor clay tracks. The tread design pays homage to the Electron and ION tire before it with the 2 center pins boxed in by connected bars for a familiar Pro-Line signature look. From there the connected bars shoot off at angles that have been specifically designed to provide ideal steering feel when combined with the Positron Rear tire all while lasting longer than the competition. The Positron is directional, which adds another tuning option for the racers always looking for that extra edge since it will perform differently depending on which direction it is run. Indoor season is upon us; get the newest and best race tire for your buggy - the Pro-Line Positron!

All-new Ground up Design for Maximum Performance
Futuristic Directional Tread Design
Angled Connected Bars for Maximum Steering & Unmatched Corner Speed
Improved Tire Wear
Tune Performance by Choosing Tire Direction
Outlast the Competition
Ty Tessmann sweeps the 2018 ROAR Fuel Offroad Nationals with S-Compound being used
Made in the USA, since 1982 - Read about Pro-Line Racing's History

Positron 2.2” 2WD Front Tires (2 pcs)
Closed Cell Foam Inserts (2 pcs)

Height: 3.30" (83mm)
Width: 1.10" (28mm)

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