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ProLine Kolbenstangen vorn B4.1+B44.1 Black Diamond

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ProLine Kolbenstangen vorn B4.1+B44.1 Black Diamond

  • Hersteller: Proline
  • HerstellerNr.: 6078-00

Englische Beschreibung:

This is an optional Pro-Line "Black Diamond" 0.80 Front Shock Shaft Set, and is intended for use with the Associated RC10 B4, B4.1, B44 and B44.1 1/10 buggies. RC racers are constantly looking for parts that give them an advantage over the competition. After months of research, development and testing Pro-Line has produced the ultimate high-end racing shock shaft ever produced: Pro-Line’s Black Diamond Series for 1/10 buggies.

Pro-Line started with the highest grade USA forged Ultra Alloy Material and then Precision Centerless Ground and CNC machined the shafts in the USA to the highest tolerances and finish specifications. The threads are roll formed instead of cut for the highest strength possible. Pro-Line didn’t stop there and found the highest grade shaft coating known to mankind – Black Diamond DLC coating. This is the exact same coating used in Formula 1, NASCAR and Factory MX Bikes on suspension components, engine components and anything else that requires virtually zero friction and ultimate durability. Diamond-Like Carbon DLC coating creates a much harder surface than standard Ti-Nitride shaft coatings and delivers a 10 times smaller coefficient of friction for the smoothest shock action that has ever been achieved.

Precision Centerless Ground & Machined to Exacting Tolerances in USA
Threads Roll Formed instead of Cut for Ultimate Thread Durability
High Strength Ultra Alloy Material
Black Diamond DLC Shaft Coating Produced in USA
Highest Ever Surface Hardness for RC Shock Shafts
Lowest Ever Friction and Stiction for RC Shock Shafts
10 Times Smaller Coefficient of Friction Compared to Ti-Nitride Coating
Also Available for AE Front
Same Exact Coating Technology found in Formula 1, NASCAR & Factory MX Bikes
100% Made in the USA, since 1982

Length: 1.95"
Diameter: 0.121"

(2) Black Diamond Front Shock Shafts

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