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Gens Ace 4600mAh 7.4V RS 60C Shorty LiPo

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49,95 EUR
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RS stands for Race Spec and with the Gens Ace RS series we produce the best Hardcase batteries available on the market.
We have not made any compromises that only the best in developing the RS series.
Together with our team riders such as Viktor Wilck, Marc Fischer and David Ehrbar, and many tests, RS Chemie has emerged which represents the technical feasibility in lithium battery technology.


Lowest internal resistance
Improved energy density
Heavy Duty 4 / 5mm gold plug
High quality silicone cable
Highly stable yet light weight Hardcase case.

Capacity: 4600mAh
Voltage: 7.4V
Discharge Rate: 60C
Weight: 205g
Size: 96x47x25mm

SKU B-60C-4600-2S2P-HardCase-29-RS
Net Weight (g) 205
Brand Gens ace
Capacity 4600 mAh
Discharge Rate (C) 60
Max Cont Current (A) 276
Max Burst Current (A) 552
Max Burst discharge Rate (C) 120
Parallel (P) 2
Voltage 2S (7.4V)
Length (mm) 96
Width (mm) 47
Thickness(mm) 25
Wire Gauge No
Wire Length (C/D) No
Connector Type 4.0mm Banana toTplug
Balancer Connector Type JST-XH

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